Until now, there is still people do not understand Nokia, why did not choose to do anything they want Android, but the steering is far from mature embrace of Windows Phone. As the CEO of Nokia, Elop this is how to explain it? I believe you already know, and select Android means to give up the competitive spirit, Elop two days before the original words in an interview. Fortunately, at least at this stage Nokia has gradually get back on track. However, you have not thought about, turn to Windows Phone Nokia still does not have any improvement in the mobile phone business, they will take what action?

Nokia Risto Siilasmaa has been the chairman of the end of an interview responded to this problem: Windows Phone if failure, we still have the candidate scheme. Needless to say, this project is to turn the candidate refer to the platform. However, in the first time Siilasmaa and not to interview people revealed that the candidate the specific content of the scheme. Back to saiban (Symbian) has been impossible, plus the roper’s “No Android” speech, don’t be BlackBerry (BlackBerry)?

In people also serves as the talk of ablaze, Siilasmaa have through the media said: if WindowS Phone not success, we will be to the Android platform. We don’t know the chairman and CEO why nokia will hold two different candidates plan, or because involves company secrets and finale? All we can see is that no matter what a plan B, for the moment at least nokia has been through the Windows Phone found some of the king of the former confidence.

Below we will from the vision, touch, and wear resistance and subjective feeling in several aspects, such as to assess the paragraph of high-tech following personalized.


In all fairness, laser engraving photo in precision and colors are lower than the ink-jet printer. According to the production of the following “chasing me” website technology personnel introduces, FineLaserTM technology carved out of a similar monochromatic laser printer photos effect of printed photos. What is different, laser printers all the bitmap depth are all the same, and FineLaserTM can carve out different color is the depth of a point, so in shades of the performance is superior to the laser printer. The actual results contrast indeed, special use at high magnification, the magnifying glass we scanned, found that of the dot matrix indeed design itself has the different depth.

However, monochromatic defects and cannot explain this paragraph following personalized without good visual effect. On the contrary, the fine surface treatment and high degree of this coating to bring the following the visual effect of magic. In normal circumstances, the patterns of the following looked at is a fine monochrome images. When turning to certain Angle following, makes the incident light reflection to just eyes, then on the following design of red gave a kind of beautiful anomaly of the the burnish like stones. Yeah and somebody else this coating was precious stones!

Sense of touch:

The following paragraph the tactility is unique. Using your fingertips light touch design, complete feeling less than any of the rough, it makes us very surprised it is “sculpture” come out. In the image of the sculpture things are there is certainly some pits to pass. According to “sculpture I” nets technical personnel introduces, are feeling less than rough, because the surface coating of the following alloy stones only a few microns thick coating. And their laser technology can selectively to remove this layer of gem coating, a bit does not hurt and coating of alloy. In fact pattern is also have uneven, but only a few microns ups and downs, completely out of touch can perceive the scope, therefore feels very flat.

Although it feels very flat, but the whole following the tactility not immutable. In the dark area, feels very smooth, the friction force is small. And in light color area, and feels the most delicate frosted glass has some that feeling, simple sense is very good.

Wear resistance:

Although we know that gem of hardness is very strong, but in order to verify manufacturer said, we still made a contrast test, the object is a colleague contrast of color painting PC MM plastic shell. The first of the tools is natural nails. Colleagues began to use her nails in the PC shell gently rowed a few, said to me: “you see, ok”. I bring them here, with my nails tried to dig a few, and colleagues MM nose gone, spirit she yells at me, rob me the following laser carving, also tried to dig down. The results soon she found, the worse is not following, but her nails, be worn away a lot of debris in the following, and following the pattern on but not changed a bit. To her and take out a key, ruthlessly row to row. The following a many gray Nick, but carefully see pattern of the bitmap didn’t any change, and those gray line is obviously the key to the material is following the grinding down!

Such wear resistance, to use a words: “you also want to use half a century?”

Subjective heart feeling:

A few of my colleagues on the comprehensive evaluation of the following paragraph, everyone’s subjective feeling heart we have the following these:

1. The design precision though is not very high, also only monochrome, but visual effect and special, the highly individual character.

2. Advanced laser engraving technology, strong sense of science and technology.

3. Hard alloy + gem coating, ultra good sense.

4. Super wear resistance and durability, give a person very solid feel.

To sum up, this paragraph of FineLaserTM technical production by the following, very suitable for science and technology and the quality of sense for people to choose. According to our knowledge, compared to a small amount on market now using laser engraving line type pattern of the following 2 or frequently, this paragraph of the price of the following is not expensive, can say very close to people.

RAMOS W17pro USES is to preview Glare or the dazzle eye screen, the screen is applied in many laptops, RAMOS in the W3HD, W6HD before, W19 have used, its color performance, brightness to aspects of the performance evaluation are users as “excellent”.

Computer still insist on a flat plate “thin” machine design, “thin” is internationally recognized a “beauty”, however produce ultra-thin models, the manufacturer of the manufacturing industry demand higher, juncture whether level off, card buckled closely determines whether all the whole sense of reality, these it is also RAMOS’s specialty.

RAMOS W17pro using silicon morning dual-core processor magic Scorpio, with dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 highest 1.5 Ghz main frequency, and up to 400 Mhz dual-core ARM Mali-400 3 D processing core. Also has two video hard solution DSP and an audio DSP, and various performance very balanced, multimedia, the game application processing operations, all are in the market leader.

RAMOS W17pro used 7 inches the glare more touch screen, in brightness, color, and many other aspects of have superior performance, the tool made of pure white ultra-thin design, contracted and has the time feeling. Players need to, the blues the scorpion dual-core have many unique flat also technology, such as the sole FLASH technology to enhance the hard solution online video and the web browsing the fluency, new GPU rendering speed up technology, can let the web page rendering loading speed is faster.

Industry insiders said today, Google Nexus 7 pricing is almost $199 sale, this can understand, but Nexus Q player pricing $299 but hard to read. Google on Wednesday in the I/O conference issued a Nexus 7 tablet computer, 8 gb for $199, aims to challenge apple iPad and amazon’s Kindle Fire. Read More »